About Us

Humans start interacting with animals from a very young age. In fact a simple trip down a kid’s isle in the shopping center demonstrates the sheer amount of animal pictures, cut-outs, toys and books available for purchase. The statistics are even more astonishing with the amount of money and time the average person spends on animals. The money spent on pets alone has more than doubled in the past 10 years, beating the toy business and even candy sales to the finishing line. When children grow up, this affinity towards animals continues to live on with them as adults and even parents of their own.

It is our endeavour with our blog to bring to you all the most recent, weird and wonderful news from the animal world. We do not focus just on pets but love animals of all shapes and sizes. From the king of the jungle to exotic birds, reptiles and even creatures of the water kingdom, we invite articles and blogs that will build our reader’s knowledge on animals. Any information of interest that can strike a chord in our readers is welcome.

We investigate all the different areas of an animal loving world from ecommerce pet sites to following in the footsteps of adventurers as they go deep into the jungles to unravel nature’s secrets. Do you have any nuggets of information on the animal world that will mesmerise our readers with wonder and surprise? This is what our aim is – to explore and discover more on the animal world that we never knew existed.